Hello !
My name is Dmitry, and I am 40+ years old. I arrived in America many years ago from Belarus in search of a better life). Today, one of my favorite hobbies is video filming. Since my childhood, as it happened, I have been in love with the filming process and with pleasure showed the films and cartoons at my school in the assembly hall from the cinema room. On the prom night at school, I was lucky to hold and shoot with a large Panasonic video camera under the VHC cassette. And even then I edited my first video clip for my classmates. I'll try to find and post it here.
Many years have passed, but the love to the beloved profession remained. Today, I have wonderful people in my team, who I greatly appreciate and admire. And I can always rely on them. Today I have the newest and most modern equipment for work, as well as a huge number of certificates for video, sound, composition and editing
I hope to be useful to you and I will always be grateful for the high rating of my work in the form of feedback, recommendations and new collaborations.